Wendy Stroud was a midwife.

She was the first midwife Dr. Nash hired, and had never shown up late for work. On January 23, 1983, Wendy assisted Trudy Monk in the delivery of her daughter through Ethan Rickover. Although the baby was healthy, she had been conceived in an affair that Rickover had to conceal, so he made Trudy believe the child had died shortly after birth. He presumably bribed Wendy to say the same, and she set the baby girl up for adoption, claiming to have found her by a playground.

Over the next few years Wendy became accustomed by unknown means to Christianity.

Fourteen years later, Rickover was being nominated for judgemanship. Wendy discovered this and deciding she could no longer lie, told him she was going to confess the truth about the affair and Trudy's baby. Rickover then killed Wendy and buried her body in his backyard by a sundial. He proceeded to kill Trudy as well so there would be no connection between them. He pulled it off successfully and it remained hidden for twelve years.

However, when Rickover later had to kill Dr. Nash when he found the birth records of Trudy's daughter, Trudy's husband, detective Adrian Monk, eventually put the pieces together by a video Trudy made for him before her death. He makes Rickover dig up Wendy's remains (which he marked by the sundial next to a big tree). Rickover commits suicide to avoid prison for three murders, but his last words and a newspaper about Wendy "finding" a baby girl, Monk realizes Trudy's daughter Molly is alive.

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