Warrick Tennyson was a career criminal and explosives expert who was hired in 1997 to build and plant the bomb that killed Trudy Monk.


Six years later, Tennyson was dying of heart and kidney failure, possibly attributable to cancer. After being arrested, or turning himself in, he was questioned extensively by federal authorities while in hospital in New York City, in connection with racketeering activities he had been involved in. Dale Biederbeck told Adrian Monk where to find Tennyson, and Monk interrogated him. Tennyson confessed to his crime, and told Monk that he had been hired by a man whose name he didn't know and whose face he didn't see, but who had a six-fingered right hand, whom he recalled a "freak".

Realizing who Monk was, Tennyson asked for forgiveness. Face-to-face with one of the men who had murdered his wife, Monk coldly refused and shut off Tennyson's morphine pump, ensuring that he would spend his last few days in agony. But a few moments later, he turned it back on, knowing that that was what Trudy would have wanted.

Tennyson presumably died a short time after his encounter with Monk.

Monk eventually found Frank Nunn, the six-fingered man. However, Monk couldn't get any information from him because a rogue policeman, Sheriff Rollins, killed Nunn to frame Monk for murder, acting on orders from Biederbeck.

Frank Nunn's papers show that he was hired by a mysterious figure known as "The Judge," who hired him to kill Trudy. Whether Tennyson knew he was in fact working for The Judge remains unknown. He probably didn't, however, because he presumably would have told Monk that if he knew.

Background Information and NotesEdit

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