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Tommy cleaning his spill.

Tommy is a two-year old baby. He is in the episode Mr. Monk and the Kid. He is one of several foster children adopted by Janet Novak. At the beginning of the episode, Tommy goes missing in a park, so Janet calls the police. Tommy is found a short time later in the woods surrounding the park, holding a human pinky finger. Adrian and Natalie are called to the scene, and Tommy continually says "Monk! Monk! Monk!" Monk goes on a walk with Tommy, hoping that he will retrace his steps and find the location of the body. They fail to do so, and, while at the lab, Monk continues to rant on about how thoughtful Tommy is. With Monk's analysis, they find out that he human finger was a violinist's pinky, because of a callus. They also find that he is professional because a material found in some expensive violin rosins. They track down eight violinists, who are all alive and have all of their fingers. While eating at a restaurant later, they see the Carlyles, the eight family, talking at a pay phone and appearing nervous. Monk realizes that the violinist, Daniel Carlyle, is missing, and the man they saw at the house was his brother. They investigate, and, to pay off ransom, they send Monk. After giving the money to the wrong person, Monk goes to Dr. Kroger. Meanwhile, Julie Teeger is babysitting for Tommy while Monk is gone. She accidentally spills some grape juice, which Tommy cleans up himself. Monk believes that he wants to keep Tommy, but Dr. Kroger advises against it. At night, after Natalie leaves with Julie, Monk notices that Tommy took Natalie's lipstick from her purse. He then reads a "fake" story in which Tommy is the prince, and the two foster parents are the king and queen. The king and queen abducted a violinist (Daniel Carlyle) and to show they were serious, they chopped off a finger. They planned to hide it in the park, but Tommy, sitting by the purse, grabs it out of the purse and wanders off. Tommy agrees with Monk that he took the finger from the bag. In the end, Tommy is asleep, and Monk realizes that he wants Tommy to stay with him, but he can barely take care of himself. After a commercial break, Monk and Tommy are rolling around and playing in the grass outside the adoption center. The new parents come about, and as Monk is about to hand Tommy over, Tommy kisses him twice on the cheek, and once on the neck. He is driven away by the new parents.

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