Theresa Scott (f.k.a. Darlene Coolidge, f.k.a. Phyllis Gaffney), was the bride of Jonothan Davenport.Theresa Scott appears int the episode, Mr.Monk goes to a Wedding. Though she marries Johnathon Davenport, the younger brother of Natalie Teeger, she is revealed to be a black widow who had murdered her previous three in order for their money. In the episode, she wins over the Davenports by lying that her parents had died in the Panam Airplane Crash, which was originally shut down in 1991. She also runs down Lieutenant Disher, who was the leading detective in the murder cases, resulting in some broken ribs, broken arm and leg.


Theresa met Jonothan in Hawaii and became engaged to him after only two weeks. She made an immediate favorable impression on Jonothan's parents, Bobby and Peggy Davenport. She also had sufficient personal wealth (or appearance of same) to convince the wealthy Davenports that she was living off a healthy trust fund, and so was not a fortune hunter.

In reality, she was much worse - a "black widow." Under a series of aliases, she had married, then murdered, at least three previous husbands. One of her murders took place in Philadelphia, and was investigated by then-Detective Sergeant Randy Disher, who was able to accuse her, in absentia, of homicide, and to track her as far as Seattle.

As her wedding to Jonothan approached, she was recognized by a wedding photographer, Frank Ruttle, who foolishly tried to blackmail her. She dealt with him decisively, luring him to a secluded spot and then killing him. A short time later, she was in danger of being exposed again, when Disher was brought as Natalie Teeger's date to the wedding. She ran him down in a stolen car, but he survived and was able to identify her, just after her marriage to Jonothan. Caught, she took her new husband hostage and attempted to escape, but Natalie subdued her, saving the day. (Mr. Monk Goes to a Wedding)

Behind the sceneEdit

Her true identity as a black widow was earlier foreshadowed during her bachelorette party, when she told the male stripper "Officer Feelgood" that she was "a bad girl."

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