The Randy Disher Project is a band that Randy Disher leads, formed by him and some friends in high-school. He sings and plays guitar for his band. Their only (known) song is 'I don't need a badge'.


  • Mr. Monk Goes to the Dentist - After quitting his job with the police, Randy tried to revive the band, although it failed.
  • Mr. Monk And The Really, Really Dead Guy - While undercover as a street musician, Randy performed this song.
  • Mr. Monk and the Rapper - It is first indirectly mentioned by Randy when he tells Murderuss that he has a band, and then later directly spoken when Randy tells Hotches' audience about his band while Hotches' is being arrested.
  • Mr. Monk Goes Camping - The ringtone for Randy Disher's cellphone plays 'I don't need a badge'.
  • Mr Monk's 100th CaseRandy pulls out the Randy Disher Project CD while riding with Stottlemeyer and James Novak's camera crew to a SWAT team raid.

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