Sidney Teal was the billionaire owner of a large computer company.


Teal started working in computers as far back as his college days at Cal State. Out of college, he ran his first computer company out of his garage, which would eventually grown into a juggernaut.

A shy, bookish student, Sidney managed to get a date with Angie DeLuca. Trying to impress her, Sidney cooked up a plan with his fraternity brother, Archie Modine. Modine pretended to be a masked mugger, accosting Sidney and Angie as they left the movies, and Teal pretended to heroically fight him off. Angie never realized that it was a trick and was suitably impressed (twenty years later, when Sidney was a multibillionaire, she ruefully told Sharona Fleming that she should have married Sidney instead).

Sidney grew up, and married his wife, Myra. Unknown to him, Myra was carrying on an affair with Modine, whom she had met when Sidney took her to a college fundraiser. Myra and Archie schemed to kill Sidney. Archie contacted Sidney, asking him to "return the favor" Archie did him, and play the mugger for the benefit of Archie's date. Sydney did so, only to have Archie, instead of fighting him off, draw a gun and shoot him dead.

Adrian Monk eventually exposed Modine and Myra's plot. The two instantly turned on each other, and while Archie was arrested, it was uncertain whether Myra was indicted.


After his death, Teal's various employees described him as brilliant, generous, and romantic in an old-fashioned way, but also meticulous and somewhat afraid of risk. His chaffeur, Willis, jokingly said that Teal was too scared to fire a gun, and wouldn't even let Willis drive until everyone in the car had their seat belts on.

Willis summed up Teal thus: "More money than God, a beautiful wife, but he was the loneliest man in the world. I was the chauffeur, and I felt sorry for him."