Steven Albright was an officer in the U.S. Navy, and Mitch Teeger's oldest friend.


Steven met Mitch's future wife, Natalie Davenport, before she met Mitch, at a bar in Houston, Texas. At that time, Steven was engaged to a woman who later, in his words, "sobered up" and broke their engagement.

He attended Mitch's funeral after he was shot down in Kosovo. He and Natalie would not see each other for another nine years. In 2008, he looked her up in San Francisco, while serving as Chief Medical Officer of the attack submarine U.S.S. Seattle. Having read about her association with Adrian Monk, he asked for their help in investigating the death of another officer.

Monk and Natalie were both trapped aboard the Seattle when it unexpectedly left port. Steven, who had always had a crush on Natalie, took the opportunity to flirt, but she stopped short of returning his advances, feeling that she was betraying Mitch.

When Monk and Natalie were almost killed by a trap laid by a homicidal Navy officer, Steven figured out the truth and saved their lives. He and Natalie said a fond goodbye and made a date to see each other the next time he was in the Bay Area.

A year later, he and Natalie had been dating steadily and she was planning a dinner to introduce him to her daughter, Julie - a strong indication that they were, or were about to become, serious.

When Adrian Monk was poisoned, Steven assisted Natalie in getting him to the hospital, and finding the source of the poison in time to treat him with an antidote.

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