The San Francisco Police Department is the primary law enforcement agency for the San Francisco Bay Area.


Leland Stottlemeyer was the youngest officer in the history of the Department to be promoted to Detective stated in Mr. Monk Gets Cabin Fever (a rank formally called "Inspector" in the SFPD hierarchy). He was eventually promoted to Captain of the department's Homicide Detail. Randy Disher, formerly a Detective Sergeant with the police in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, transferred to the SFPD and was promoted to Lieutenant, and became Stottlemeyer's chief aide.

Adrian Monk was one of the most celebrated detectives in the history of the department. According to one of his former partners, Joe Christie, in his heyday Monk once had seven other detectives lined up outside his office, waiting to ask him questions about one of their cases. The SFPD was where Monk considered he belonged, and after suffering a nervous breakdown as a result of the murder of his wife, Trudy, Monk made it his personal goal to rejoin its ranks as a detective.

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