Rita DePasque, aka "The Lovely Rita" was a prostitute based in San Francisco.

Brought into the police station for questioning, as a material witness to an "alleged" knife fight downtown, she became interested in the police's investigation into the death of Pamela Sherman. A quick-witted woman, who enjoyed playing devil's advocate, she poked several holes in Adrian Monk's theory that Pamela's husband, Rob, had killed her and lured burglar Dewey Jordan to his home to kill Jordan and frame him for the murder. Captain Stottlemeyer, impressed, could not help but agree with many of her theories. Examining the police file with Monk (whom she called "cute"), Rita also pointed out a possible connection between the suspects, enough for Monk to pursue. As he left, she asked hopefully whether the police would mention her helpfulness to the District Attorney.

Background Information and NotesEdit

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