Peggy Davenport is the mother of Jonothan Davenport and Natalie Teeger and the wife of Davenport Toothpaste owner Bobby Davenport.

History Edit

Natalie Teeger had ill feelings for her parents because they mistreated her late husband, Mitch.

Peggy and her husband Bobby Davenport were scrambling to get ready for their son: Jonothan's wedding. At the beginning of the episode, she mentions that Jonothan's fiance, Theresa made him happy and that thats all that mattered. This offends Natalie, her daughter, as she did not approve of her husband, Mitch, but he made her happy. Peggy proves to be a little naive, she takes an evidence bag because she likes the color of the blood for the tablecloths. It turned out that Theresa was a Black Widow. She pulled a knife on Jonothan but Natalie stopped her. This causes a reconciliation with her father and mother, and she finally places Mitch's picture on the family piano.