Pablo Oritz was a Mexican immigrant who delivers fashion-designer clothing to Julian Hodge's fashion studio.

In 2004, he was delivering designer outfits when he was arrested for the stalking and murder of Clea Vance, despite the fact that he never actually met her. He was then found Guilty in court due to DNA evidence, and sentenced to life imprisonment. This completely distressed Maria Ortiz, his mother, to the extent that she could not focus on her duties as designer number 8 as a result of his imprisonment. In actuality, he was framed for the murder by San Francisco Police Department's forensics researcher Howard Gordo as part of a bribe from Julian Hodge, the true culprit of the murder, as well as having Natasha falsely accuse him of stalking Clea.

A few months later, Monk took a job to re-investigate the case as a favor for Maria (as she was also "number 8," Monk's favorite designer) to get her to work again. Monk, while interviewing Pablo, learns that he was illiterate in regards to English. This proved to be a vital piece of evidence in regards to his innocence, as Clea Vance's murder took place near an emergency exit door, and the murderer took the long way around so as to not cause a commotion. As Pablo was illiterate, there was no way he could have known that it was an emergency exit and would have used it to escape if he were the murderer. Pablo was later exonerated of the charges after Monk managed to pinpoint the true guilty party.

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