New Jersey is a State in the United States of America. Sharona Fleming lives there with her husband and child, Benjy Fleming.

The FlemingsEdit

Sharona grew up in New Jersey. Her father, Douglas owned a successful hardware store, until he fell deathly ill. He died, and Sharona's mother had to sell the store, who then had to scramble and scrape to make ends meet. Many years later, she married Trevor Howe. Trevor proved to be not right for her, so she divorced him, but not before having one child with him, Benjy. She moved to San Francisco after her sister, Gail moved there (who accused Sharona of copying her). She lived there for several years and met Adrian Monk whom she helped for many years. In 2004 she moved back, re-marrying her ex-husband, and leaving Monk and that chapter of her life behind.



  • Sharona Fleming
  • Trevor Howe
  • Benjy Fleming

Former ResidentsEdit