Dr. Neven Bell is Adrian Monk's new therapist beginning after Dr. Charles Kroger, died of a heart attack.

Though Adrian is skeptical of his new therapist at first, Dr. Bell was able to win his confidence though several small gestures (such as having Adrian's favorite bottled water available, a supply of wipes handy during their introductory handshake, and Dr. Bell's office containing a painting which previously belonged to the late Dr. Kroger).

Additionally, as a comfort to Adrian, Natalie pointed out that Dr. Bell's first name, Neven, is a palindrome. Adrian, however, points out that it isn't a "perfect" palindrome, because of the first "N" being capitalized. However, Monk eventually decides that Neven is a palindrome.

Neven is much more tolerant of Monk than Dr. Kroger.

At one point before setting up his practice in San Francisco, Dr. Bell was a city councilmember in Tulsa

He may have been named after Dr. Joseph Bell, the real life doctor who is the basis for Sherlock Holmes.