Mr Monk gets on board is the 17th book in the hit book series Mr. Monk.

Behind the scenesEdit

The book was originally planned to be an episode of Monk, taking place sometime during Season 3. Titled Mr. Monk Is At Sea, it would have involved Monk and Sharona investigating a murder on a cruise liner. Although the episode itself was approved by USA Network, the episode was scrapped because various ocean liners were reluctant to shoot an episode on their ships due to both the main plotline of the episode involving a murder onboard as well as one of the characters being thrown overboard. They wouldn't budge even after changing the identity of the murderer and reducing the bodycount. They also tried to use the Queen Mary at Long Beach for shooting, though talks fell through. It was then locked up in a vault until 2013, when Hy Conrad contacted Dan Dratch to make a novel based on the episode. The only changes were replacing Sharona with Natalie Teeger (due to Sharona having left Monk and being replaced by Natalie by this time), some new subplots, as well as including a visit to Mexico to allow Captain Alameda from Mr. Monk Goes to Mexico to get involved.

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