Mr. Henry is Julie Teeger's pet fish.


Julie Teeger's father, Mitch Teeger, gave her a fish named Mr. Henry before he died, but Natalie has since kept replacing them after they died. It is unknown if she still replaces them, as Julie is close to 19 years old.

Moon Rock TheftEdit

A tour guide at a museum, Lyle Peck stole a moon rock from his museum that was worth 2 million dollars. He put it in an aquarium kit, which Julie Teeger later bought, to which she didn't know about the theft. He had to get the rock back, so he broke into Natalie Teeger's house twice to try to steal it, to no avail. When the fish was brought to Julie's school's science fair, he got it back, along with Mr. Henry. Adrian Monk chased him for a while, until he dropped the moon rock and Mr. Henry. Monk chose to save the fish, but Leland Stottlemeyer arrested Peck and took back the moon rock.

Background Information and NotesEdit

  • The "Crimson Marblefish" is not a real type of fish.

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