Monica Waters is a woman who resembles a lot like Monk's late wife Trudy which by her resemblance he began to have a crush on her. She is portrayed by Maria del Mar.


When Monk meets Monica, he couldn't keep his eyes off of her as Sharona tells him she resembles Trudy. Monk was fond of how neat her garage was, considering himself to be the same way. After her neighbor Lawrence Grayson was killed when he saw his dog inside Waters' garage, Monk gets worried about her and wanted to sleep at her house to protect her from the killer as he believes she is innocent, which is probably because he has a crush on her.

While at Waters' house at the dinner table Stottlemeyer calls and tells Monk of how dangerous Waters is and says she killed her husband and buried him under her new garage, which is the reason for his absence. Waters puts down some food for him and notices that Monk hasn't been eating as she forces him to eat her food, but Monk pretends to eat and she notices him refusing. Sharona and Stottlemeyer arrive at her house. They tell her about her husband and she began to get confused and reveals that her husband is at a private clinic in Switzerland, being treated for schizophrenia. Embarrassed, Stottlemeyer withdraws.

After the case is solved Monk and Waters say their goodbyes and she begins to give him a kiss before leaving. (Mr. Monk and the Other Woman)