Mitch Teeger was Natalie Teeger's late husband.

A pilot for the U.S. Navy, he was shot down in the Kosovo War. The Navy told Natalie that there is evidence that Mitch ran away from the crash site and abandoned his men before he was killed by enemy forces (Mr. Monk and the Election). Natalie isn't sure what to believe, as she was always certain that her husband was a brave man.

Aside from the Navy, the only other person who knows of Mitch's suspected cowardice is Adrian Monk, whom Natalie told in the strictest confidence.

Mitch and Natalie had one daughter, Julie, who was named, at Mitch's insistence, after his aunt, whom he greatly admired.

Before he died, Mitch gave Julie a pet marble fish, "Mr. Henry," that she is very fond of. Since it was one of the few things Julie had to remember her father by, Natalie secretly replaced it year after year, since the original fish had a short lifespan. (Monk: "Mr. Monk and the Red Herring")

Mitch dreamed of becoming an astronaut. To Natalie's sorrow, he was sent an acceptance letter from NASA barely a week after his death.

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