Miles Holling was a resident of Malden, and also the oldest man in the world.

Around 1999, Karen Stottlemeyer did a documentary about Miles Holling which gained her a notable recognition, even though the documentary itself was incredibly bad.

Around the bicentennial anniversary of Malden, he was a guest of honor at the event, to which the mayor, Steve Rudner, made a pledge that, should Holling make live past his 115th birthday, and should Rudner still be mayor during that time, he will exhume a time capsule that was going to be buried after the celebration to include a final chapter for his autobiography.

Later in his life, as he was drawing closer to his 115th birthday, he started receiving death threats over the phone by an unknown caller (later revealed to be Dennis Gammill, trying to "scare the man to death"). However, those didn't work, which left Dennis Gammill (who didn't want the Time Capsule to be exhumed out of fear that his confession to killing Darren Leveroni would be exposed) with no other choice but to kill Holling, which he did the day before Holling's birthday after killing George Bowes, a security guard at the retirement clinic that Holling was at, and then throwing him on the bed and suffocated him by smothering him with a pillow.

Holling feared sleeping in a bed because he feels that once he uses a bed, he won't "get back up", which served as evidence that he was actually murdered, as the killer attempted to make it seem as though he died from his sleep.

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