Maria Cordova was a Brazilian woman who lived in San Francisco.


In 1998, Maria was losing her eyesight to a degenerative disease. Her vision was saved by a cornea transplant from Trudy Monk, who had, tragically, just been murdered. Maria had the date of Trudy's death tattooed on her arm, which also marked the date of her operation, that allowed Maria to be "reborn."

While employed as a cabdriver, she happened to pass Adrian Monk, Trudy's widower, on the street. A brief glimpse of her was enough to snare his mind and convince him that there was something familiar about her, enough that he didn't sleep for three solid days, until he tracked her down and learned the truth. The two shared an emotional moment, as he looked into what had once been his beloved wife's eyes. (Monk: "Mr. Monk Is Up All Night")

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