This article is about Brian Babbage's housemaid. For other persons named Maria, see Maria (disambiguation).

Maria was Brian Babbage's maid. In May of 2002, when Brian was injured in a car crash and sent into a Stage 9 coma, she was left in charge of his household. Since he stayed asleep for four months, she took the opportunity to throw wild parties in his house (enough to start guiltily when Adrian Monk and Sharona Fleming came to investigate).

Unknown to her, before his accident, Brian had mailed package bombs to himself and his two siblings, Amanda and Ricky. The bomb addressed to himself arrived in August, and she innocently began to open it, since she was allowed to open his mail to keep the bills paid. Monk shouted a warning and threw the package away, seconds before it exploded.

Later, Maria and several of her guests were seen being questioned outside the house by the police, noticeably shaken.

When Monk sought to prove that Brian had tried to murder his brother and sister, Maria willingly agreed to help him prove it. Brian may not have meant for her to be killed by his bomb, but nor would he have cared if she had been.

When Brian woke up in the hospital, Maria "innocently" brought some of his mail by, including a partially opened parcel that resembled his own. Brian dived to the ground, shouting that it was a bomb, thus proving his guilt to the police.

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