Linda Fusco is Leland Stottlemeyer's ex-girlfriend and a real estate dealer. The two began dating shortly after she hired Monk to investigate damages to her car in and she even set Stottlemeyer up with a new apartment. The two continued to see one another, but their dates were often interrupted, postponed or cancelled as a result of Stottlemeyer's duties. She resorted to bidding on a date with him at a bachelor auction just to get him alone. Linda turned heel and murdered her former partner, and she was later arrested, leaving Stottlemeyer to wonder if the relationship was real or merely something she'd planned from the beginning.

Behind the scenesEdit

Her final appearance, and thus, her role as a murderer in it, was foreshadowed in Mr. Monk and his Biggest Fan, where, when she is telling off Stottlemeyer due to not trying to see her, she says "What does a girl have to do to get your attention, kill someone?"