Kitty Malone was an accomplice and later victim of Leonard Stokes.


Kitty was a Ferris wheel operator at a local carnival for about seven years and met Leonard Stokes, apparently, through a "Straight & Sober" chapter. Stokes was arrested for murder by Lt. Adam Kirk. A few days before trial, Stokes contacted Kitty with a plan to frame Kirk and therefore disqualify his testimony. Kirk came to the carnival to meet with an associate of Leonard's named John Gitomer. The two went up on Kitty's Ferris wheel and Gitomer pretended he was being beaten by Kirk. Kitty stopped the wheel and just as Kirk stepped off, she stabbed Gitomer in the heart with a small knife, claiming Kirk had done it. Kirk was arrested for murder and Stokes walked on his own murder charges.

Unfortunately for Kitty, Stokes apparently considered her a liability. He met up with her at the carnival and murdered her, leaving her body in plain view. Stokes was arrested at the carnival by the SFPD with help from Adrian Monk. (Mr. Monk Goes to the Carnival)

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