Julio Alvarez was a delivery driver for Pizza Castle. He was murdered by Reggie Dennison.


Alvarez had been working at Pizza Castle for only a few weeks when he went to the home of lawyer Reggie Dennison to make a delivery. When he arrived, he witnessed Dennison beating judge Jillian Garr (with whom he was having an affair) to death with a baseball bat. Alvarez tried to stop the attack, but Dennison beat him to death as well.

Dennison realized that he would immediately be suspected of murder unless someone else was the last person to see Alvarez alive. Dennison donned a baseball cap and sunglasses and drove Alvarez's car (with Alvarez's body inside) to the home of Alvarez's next customer, Natalie Teeger. After delivering the pizza, Dennison ditched the car and body in a location where it would be more easily found.

Alvarez's body was found by Natalie, who followed the car in order to return a $50 bill that Dennison had accidentally given her in change. Natalie didn't notice at the time that the body in the car was not the same man who delivered her pizza. The police spent only a few minutes investigating Alvarez's murder when they were pulled off the case in order to search for judge Jillian Garr, who was a close friend of the mayor.

Due to the high profile case of the missing judge, the murder of Julio Alvarez was all but forgotten by the police, who failed to notice that the two cases were connected. However, thanks to the work of Natalie, with help from her boss, Adrian Monk, they were ultimately able to connect Dennison to both murders.

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