This article is about the Graduate Student. For other uses, see Julie Teeger (disambiguation).

Julie Teeger was a Graduate Student. She was one of the best students at the school, as her landlady recalled. She also bought some things from EBay. On a Thursday on 2007, she received a package for another woman named Julie Teeger. She brought the package to the other Julie's house. The package contained items mailed by the mistress of the other Julie's husband, George Teeger. Things got ugly fast, so she bolted, not seeing George stab his wife to death. Unfortunately, George decided that Julie had to die, since she could confirm that he was home when his wife was killed. He pursued her on his SUV while she was riding her bike back to campus, ran her down, then backed up to hit her again and make sure she was dead.

George Teeger was later arrested for double homicide.

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