Julian Hodge was a world-renowned fashion designer.


Hodge had an obsessive eye for detail, and was fanatic that his designs should always appear at their best on his models. This led to the death of a supermodel named Clea Vance in 2005. Confronting Clea alone in a dressing room during one of his fashion shows, Hodge went berserk, believing she had ruined the show, and strangled her to death.

After he let her body tumble to the ground, such was Hodge's obsession with detail that he straightened her clothes out afterwards, then escaped the room.

Hodge left DNA evidence behind that identified him as Vance's killer. However, the forensic technician in charge of the case, Gordo, offered to bury the evidence in exchange for a bribe, and Hodge agreed. Together, they conspired to frame Pablo Ortiz, a delivery boy, for Clea's murder.

This plan required another of Hodge's models, Clea's roommate Natasia Zorelle, to falsely accuse Pablo of stalking Clea. After Pablo was arrested, his mother, Maria, begged Adrian Monk to reexamine the case. Monk's questions upset Hodge, who killed Natasia to cover his tracks. He made her death look like suicide by forcing sleeping pills down her throat, but his characteristic attention to detail forced him to wipe her lipstick off the water glass he placed in her hand - a detail Monk noticed.

Hodge also became taken with Julie Teeger after meeting her and offered her a spot in his upcoming show. Julie was ecstatic, but less so after Monk exposed both Gordo and Hodge's crimes. Hodge was arrested and presumably imprisoned.

(Mr. Monk Goes to a Fashion Show)

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