Dr. Jonah Sorenson is a psychologist whom Adrian Monk saw during the episode Mr. Monk Gets a New Shrink. He is missing part of his right arm; the result of a boating accident, though views the experience as being positive.

Mr. Monk Gets a New ShrinkEdit

When Charles Kroger's cleaning lady was found dead in Kroger's office, Kroger believed that it was one of his patients who killed her. He announced that he was retiring, much to the disbelief of Monk. Kroger told Monk he would find him a new therapist, and eventually referred Monk to Dr. Sorenson, telling Monk that Sorenson was a colleague of his and was famous.

When Monk went to see Dr. Sorenson, he immediately noticed that Sorenson was missing part of his right arm. At first Monk didn't say anything about it, but was noticeably bothered by it, rubbing and covering his right eye so he wouldn't have to look at it, and when Sorenson asked Monk to tell him about the various people in his life, he kept saying that they were "symmetrical." Eventually Sorenson asked Monk if he was uncomfortable about his right arm. Monk asked Dr. Sorenson what happened to it, and Sorenson explained that he lost it in a boating accident two years prior, but that he looks upon it as a positive experience as it taught him about trauma and loss, which he felt Monk could relate to. But Monk was also uncomfortable about Sorenson's office, as he was used to Dr. Kroger's office, he remembered everything about it, and suddenly remembered where he first saw the rock that someone had thrown at Kroger's house; it had been in Kroger's office! He needed to tell Kroger right away, and stormed out of Sorenson's office, telling Sorenson that he would "pick it up" later.

Later on, when Monk visited Dr. Kroger and Kroger asked about Dr. Sorenson, Monk asked when Kroger last saw Sorenson. Kroger said about four years ago, meaning that he was unaware that Sorenson had lost his arm. However, he was aware that Sorenson had lost some weight.

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