Jimmy Barlowe is a small-time Mafia boss in Reno, who owns several casinos there, as well as a sumptuous nightclub. He is portrayed by actor Vince Curatola, of The Sopranos fame.

Jimmy Barlowe hired mafia contract killer Frankie DePalma to kill Stanley Greenblatt, as a ploy to lure his son out of hiding. Greenblatt's son had worked at one of Barlowe's casinos in Reno, and had stolen a hefty sum of money from him, approximately $700,000.

Jimmy Barlowe was eventually arrested by a team of FBI personnel and SFPD officials Stottlemeyer and Disher (the team led by FBI Special Agent Stone) alongside the rest of his men, when Monk tricked Jimmy's nephew Leonard Barlowe into allowing him to kill Greenblatt's son.

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