Jason Ronstadt was a professional bodyguard employed by San Francisco businessman and mayoral candidate Warren St. Claire.

During the campaign, Ronstadt was approached in secret by Gavin Lloyd, the campaign manager, offering to hire him to assassinate Nicole Vasques, a campaign volunteer who had discovered evidence that Lloyd was embezzling funds. Ronstadt refused, leaving Lloyd with two potential witnesses to his crooked dealings, instead of just one.

Somehow, Lloyd managed to delay Ronstadt from exposing him, until Lloyd was able to hire a professional hit man, Ian Sykes, who killed Vasques and then shot Ronstadt with a sniper's rifle, while he was guarding the candidate during a campaign rally. The shooting was taken for a failed assassination attempt on St. Claire, which disguised the real motive for the killing and also boosted St. Claire's heroic image in the polls.

St. Claire delivered the eulogy at Jason's memorial - a moment spoiled when Adrian Monk, secretly fishing in the casket for a set of keys that formerly belonged to Trudy that he had accidentally dropped inside, inadvertently lifted the sleeve of Ronstadt's shirt, so that he appeared to be "returning" St. Claire's farewell salute.

Monk eventually exposed Lloyd and Sykes.

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