Jack Wyatt is a former San Francisco Police Department homicide detective. Wyatt often used his 357. Magnum Revolver. Wyatt had a high closure rate and a just as large body count. Wyatt once lobbed a grenade into a serial killer's car during a high-speed chase. Wyatt got the nickname "Mad Jack" afterwards. He was later re-instated due to department cuts. But after he was first fired he became a security consultant in Iraq and Afghanistan. After being fired a second time he, Cynthia Chow, and Franklin Porter made a Detective Agency. He has a anger managment doctor named Arnie.

Known InvestigationsEdit

  • Mad Jack investigated the hit-and-run homicide of John Yamada.
  • Mad Jack shot at Trinidad Lopez a suspect in ATM robberies implying he knew about the case.
  • Mad Jack once lobbed an explosive in a serial killer's car therefore he must have investigated the murders.


  • He seems to be based on Dirty Harry

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