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It's a Jungle Out There is the theme song for the television show Monk. It is sung by Randy Newman and used for the first episode of the series and later as the official theme song for seasons 2-8.


"It's a jungle out there.
Disorder and confusion everywhere.
No one seems to care.
But I do.
Hey, who's in charge here.
It's a jungle out there.
Poison in the very air we breathe.
Do you know what's in the water that you drink.
Well I do.
And it's amazing.
People say I'm crazy.
'Cause I worry all the time.
Pay attention you'd be worried to.
You better pay attetion.
Or this world we love so much.
Might just kill you.
I could be wrong now.
But I don't think so.
It's a jungle out there.
It's a jungle out there.


  • It's a Jungle Out There was redone in a hip-hop/rap style (in place of the original) for the episode "Mr. Monk and the Rapper".

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