Harry Ashcombe was the former San Francisco Police Commissioner who murdered his wife, Katherine Ashcombe.

Harry had a five year affair with a younger woman, Jennie Zeppettelli. Knowing Harry would never leave his hated wife because of her wealth, Jennie eventually left Harry after he coerced her into having an abortion. Desperate to win Jennie back but keep his affluent lifestyle, Harry decided to murder his wife (collecting the $2 million life insurance policy he had on her).

He called her while she was away from the house and lied about her beloved pet dog being in a horrible accident. Knowing she would race home at top speed and that her path would go along a treacherous cliff, Harry assembled a ramp in the middle of the road. Katherine hit the ramp and went careening over the cliff to her death. Later that night, heavy rains caused a mudslide that buried the car.

Katherine was listed as a missing person and the police had no leads. Needing the body to be found to collect the life insurance, Harry drugged a local psychic, Dolly Flint, then drove her in her own car to the site of the crash. He correctly guessed that she would claim credit for being "lead" to the site by Katherine's spirit. The crash was quickly ruled an accident, but former police detective Adrian Monk was skeptical that Dolly's talents were genuine. Adrian came to the Ashcombe's house during Katherine's wake and offered a book of poetry by Ralph Emerson to Harry. Harry thanked Monk, but became suspicious when he found Monk "lost" in one of the upstairs bathrooms. Harry tried to ignore Monk while quickly boxing up Katherine's belongings and giving away her dog. Monk's persistence was enough to rattle Harry. He also suspects Jennie Zeppettelli of giving information about Monk and called her and attempted to threaten her, but she hung up.

A few days later, Harry returned to his home to find a number of police officers, including Leland Stottlemeyer and Randy Disher, as well as Monk and Dolly Flint. Leland explained that they were seeking another missing woman, who happened to be Jennie Zeppettelli, and they had recruited Dolly to help. Dolly seemed to enter a trance, leading the police to a blood stained fireplace poker and a woman's sandal before leading them out back where Jennie lay apparently dead in a ditch. Dolly accused Harry of the murder. Frightened and confused, Harry admitted to driving Dolly to the crash site. He received a second shock when Jennie sat up, revealing the set up as a ruse to trick him into confessing. Harry was immediately taken into custody. He was later found guilty of murder of the first degree, and is sentenced to life imprisonment without parole. He was also placed in a maximum security wing dedicated to former cops.

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