George Teeger was the husband of Julie Teeger. He was carrying on an extra-marital affair with a woman named Maria Hamilton. After a fight between them, Maria decided to expose their affair to his wife, by sending her a parcel full of George's personal items from her house. The package was mis-delivered to a different Julie Teeger, who brought it to the Teeger house. Shortly thereafter, George's wife discovered the affair and confronted him, and in the fight that followed, he stabbed her to death with a steak knife (as he had been preparing dinner at the time of Julie's discovery). He then tracked down and killed the other Julie in an apparent road accident, to prevent there being a witness to his presence in the house at the time his wife was killed.

George pretended to arrive home and discover his wife murdered by an anonymous burglar. He demanded that the SFPD find his wife's killer - a demand that rebounded on him when he was exposed by Adrian Monk. He was arrested for two counts of homicide.

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