Evan Coker was a hunter and a ruthless criminal He owned a Beretta 9mm and a Winchester bolt action, as well as a dog.

On a Monday, Coker robbed a Savings and Loan at Delmare, known as the "Savings and Loan job at Delmare", where he killed a 22 year old clerk during the heist with a Beretta 9mm. His car also ended up repossessed, with the police checking him out, thinking he was clean, and also bought a T-Bird. The next week, however, he woke up to the noise of the repoman taking the repossessed car. As he hadn't cleared out the contents yet prior to the repoman arriving, he realized that if the car was to arrive at the impound lot, they would find the gun and connect him to the Delmare job, so he rushed out with his sniper rifle before getting dressed or closing the gate, leaving footprints, skewing a fellow neighbor's sundial, and having his dog escape in the process. Eventually, he managed to cut across the neighbor's yard, into the park, through a hole in a chainlink fence, and got into position behind a sand pile and fired the rifle at the driver of the tow truck, an unmarried, 34-year old resident of Oakland and scab named Frank Fernandez, also resulting in the severe injury of Karen Stottlemeyer who was driving behind the truck. He managed to retrieve the incriminating gun, and then stole Fernandez's brown merrills so he could get home on the gravel without going barefoot. After Sharona Fleming found his dog and returned it to him, she mentioned that she and Monk did not think that the people suspected by Captain Leland Stottlemeyer, a union going against scabs, were actually affiliated with the shooting, he tried to further keep the police on a false trail by sneaking to the picket lines at night with his Winchester rifle, and then shooting another scab preparing to leave the area in a truck, although he ended up receiving a wound on his right foot (which he later claimed was a windsurfing accident). Eventually, Monk managed to trace him to the shootings, and the police searched his home. However, he anticipated this possibility and threw the gun and the merrills in the trash so it could be disposed of, although Monk managed to retrieve the garbage. He is later thrown on the hood of the car by Captain Stottlemeyer, the husband of Karen Stottlemeyer, who was angered at him for his wife's near death, although Captain Stottlemeyer eventually cooled down. Coker was then arrested under three accounts of felony murder, although he was chuckling to himself and smiling when he was arrested, presumably from Stottlemeyer's earlier outburst.

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