Christine Rapp

Christine Rapp is a character from "Mr. Monk's Favorite Show," the eighth and final season opener of Monk. She was portrayed by Elizabeth Perkins.

She is a former child actress who was best known for playing Kathy Cooper on Adrian Monk's favorite sitcom, "The Cooper Clan." After the sitcom was canceled, Christine's career stalled, until she was up for a Silver Globe award for her supporting role in a TV movie. Knowing that this would be her last chance to get her career back on track, Christine encountered mail carrier and obsessed fan Victor Timlinson, and manipulated him to rig the voting ballots that resulted in Christine winning the award.

Years passed and Christine had written a tell-all book, which Monk and Natalie were waiting to purchase. While waiting, Christine's car was bombed, and Monk was on the case and later hired as her bodyguard. The aforementioned Victor Timlinson had been suspected in the crime, which prompted Christine to move into a motel after her home was vandalized. While there, Victor encountered Christine, who later shot him to death in self-defense. However, Monk later learned the truth about Christine (including reading about her sexual encounters in her book) while watching an episode of "The Cooper Clan," as he noticed that her handwriting on the show matched the writing on the threatening letters she received, meaning that Christine herself wrote them. Monk and Natalie searched Victor's apartment and saw the real votes for the Silver Globe, but before Monk could reveal his discovery, he was knocked out with a lamp by Christine.

While knocked out, Monk dreamt that he was a character in "The Cooper Clan," but it was there that Christine's machinations were revealed. Christine's tell-all book prompted Victor to demand more money from her, and knowing that Victor would be relentless, the villainess bombed her own car and made it look like Victor was the culprit. She later lured Victor to the motel she was staying and shot him in cold blood, falsely claiming self-defense. While Monk was dreaming, the evil Christine brawled with Natalie in the apartment. Monk finally awoke and arrested Christine.

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