Dr. Christiaan Vezza was the personal physician for Dale J. Biederbeck III and an accomplice in the murder of Judge Catherine Lavinio.

Born Glenn Q. Sindell in 1965, he became a practicing surgeon. One day in 1997, while under the influence of drugs, he accidentally killed a child he was operating on. He was subsequently convicted of manslaughter and reckless endangerment, carrying a minimum sentence of 15 years. Before sentencing, however, he jumped bail and disappeared.

Taking the name Christiaan Vezza, he billed himself as an expert on the treatment of morbidly obese people, and came into the employ of Dale Biederbeck. In exchange for being on call 24 hours a day, Vezza received a generous salary, funding for his research, and his very own clinic.

At some point, Biederbeck learned his physician's secret, and from then on, Vezza's soul was his.

Christian detested working for Biederbeck, especially since Dale did not follow his dieting instructions, though he did manage to help Dale lose about 100 pounds (getting him down to a mere 800). In 2002, Dale ordered Vezza to murder Superior Court Judge Catherine Lavinio. After killing her in her home, Vezza staged the crime scene to implicate Biederbeck: making giant footprints in the yard, wearing one of his customized "empathy fat suits" from his clinic (and making sure a neighborhood girl saw him in it) and even using his talent as a voice mimic to impersonate the judge on a 911 call.

Unfortunately for Biederbeck, the doctor made two small mistakes that helped reveal the plan. While investigating the judge's death, Adrian Monk pieced together that the crime scene had been staged. While flirting with Monk's assistant, Sharona Fleming, Christiaan revealed not only his voice talents but also claimed that he was named after Christiaan Barnard, the first successful heart transplant doctor, even though Barnard did not become famous until 1967, two years after the doctor's birth. From there, the police, with the help of the F.B.I., were able to learn Christiaan's true identity.

Confronted by the police with evidence of his guilt, Christiaan was offered a small chance at redemption if he would agree to testify that Biederbeck had been behind the scheme. Christiaan accepted the offer, ensuring that his hated employer would at least go to prison alongside him.

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