Angeline Dilworth is a paramedic and the niece of deceased milionaire Robert Byrd conceived of a superstitious parent.

History Edit

Angeline was first shown grieving over the death of her uncle, Robert Byrd, at her home, and when Adrian Monk interviewed her and noticed the good luck charms, Angeline stated that her uncle was largely superstitious. She later resurfaced at Natalie Teeger's home when Natalie fell ill after an attempted exorcism, and it was there that Monk recognized Angeline, though she denied seeing him before.

The revelation comes later on that Angeline killed her uncle, but her evil plan began with placing voodoo dolls in the homes of Martha Moxley and Ralph Ferris, with both of them dying in tragic accidents. Only Robert's death was caused by Angeline, she killed him with an untraceable poison and then placed good luck charms all over the house to make it appear that voodoo caused his death. To keep Monk off her trail, the villainous Angeline sent a voodoo doll to Natalie, who figured out Angeline's evil plan when she saw her name misspelled as "Teager," leading to a fight between the women. After the ambulance crashes, Angeline is later arrested.

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