Amanda Babbage was the only daughter of three children, all of them potential heirs to their late father's very substantial fortune. Their father, either out of senility or just pure spite, changed his will constantly before his death, laying the ground for a very nasty legal battle between the three siblings, each of whom had enough to hire a battalion of lawyers. While Amanda and her younger brother Ricky eventually agreed to a settlement, their elder brother Brian refused, believing that he was entitled to a much larger share.

In August, 2003, two months after moving into her new house, Amanda received a package that had been forwarded from her old address, supposedly from a bookseller. She absently opened the package, while talking on the phone with her lawyer, angrily telling her to appeal the court's latest ruling in favor of one of her brothers. Ironically, she complained about the length of the proceedings, and quipped that she would probably die before she saw any results. A few seconds later, she pried open the wrapper, and the package exploded, killing her instantly.

The fact that the bomb had been forwarded indicated that the bomber didn't know she had moved, a clue that led Adrian Monk to suspect, and eventually catch, Brian. (Monk: "Mr. Monk and the Sleeping Suspect")

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