Corporal Alice Westergren was an officer of the San Francisco Police Department. Unknown to anyone else in the department, Alice was having an affair with Detective Terry Chasen, which Alice took very seriously, while Chasen was estranged from his wife.

Shortly before Christmas in 2005, Chasen reconciled with his wife, and told Alice their affair was over. Feeling her age, and unable to contemplate spending the rest of her life alone, Alice plotted to murder Chasen.

Ingeniously, she planned for the murder to look like a failed attempt on Captain Leland Stottlemeyer, who had plenty of enemies. Suggesting a "Secret Santa" gift exchange for the office Christmas party, she rigged the drawing so that Stottlemeyer drew Chasen's name, then sent Stottlemeyer an anonymous gift (a bottle of port wine poisoned with strychnine). On the night of the party, she hid Stottlemeyer's gift to Chasen, then suggested the port as a replacement. The plan worked, and Chasen died after drinking a glass of the wine.

Alice played her part very well: during the party, she never gave Chasen a look that would clue anyone in to their former relationship, and after he died, she feigned guilt at having "accidentally" caused his death. It was only later that Adrian Monk identified her one and only mistake: Alice had drawn Monk's name and given him a whisk broom as a gift, but she mixed up the cards that went with the broom and the bottle.

The police confronted Alice in her home on Christmas Day. She confessed sadly, and gave herself up.

Background Information and NotesEdit

  • In reality, the SFPD does not use "supplemental" ranks like Corporal.
  • It also says Terry Chasen's rank is "Detective" in the SFPD "Detective" is replaced with "Inspector"

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